Type: 4 cylindres en ligne 16s

Position: transversal central AR

Alimentation: Injection électronique indirecte multipoint + compresseur Eaton M62 et échangeur air/air

Cylindrée (cm3): 1796

Alésage x course (mm): 79 x 91.5

Puissance maxi (ch à tr/mn): 247 à 8000

Puissance spécifique (ch/L): 137,5

Couple maxi (Nm à tr/mn): 236 à 7000

Couple spécifique (Nm/L): 131,4


Données constructeur (kg): 930

Rapport poids/puissance (kg/ch): 3,8


Freins Av-Ar (ø mm): Disques ventilés (282 x 26 mm)

Pneus Av-Ar: 195/50 R 16 - 225/45 R 17 Yokohama A048


Vitesse maxi (km/h): 249

0 à 100 km/h: 4"5

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l’exige 240R

Clive Dopson, Managing Director of Lotus Cars Ltd. is very enthusiastic about the new Lotus Sport Exige 240R: "The Lotus Sport Exige 240R is a classic example of Lotus' focused attitude to performance through lightweight. We believe that this car, even though it will be built in small volumes, is a very significant addition to the Lotus product portfolio and will go down in history as such. I am sure that the fortunate fifty customers of the car will agree."

Chris Arnold, General Manager for Lotus Sport comments: "The Lotus Sport brand has been around for a number of years, and in that time has developed a number of performance upgrades for customers. The Lotus Sport Exige 240R is probably the most complete in-house Lotus Sport product that has been developed. It is a testament to the capability of the Elise platform and the competence of the standard Exige that we haven't had to make any structural changes to the car to accommodate the power of a 3 litre engine, albeit in the guise of a 1.8 litre engine."

"These fifty cars are unique, both in appearance and in equipment levels. After we have made these fifty cars, we will not be building any more to this complete specification. Lotus Sport has the Lotus product experience to be able to chose the right components for the Lotus Sport Exige 240R so if customers want the ultimate road going Exige, I recommend that they do not delay and contact their nearest Lotus dealer as soon as possible!"

50 versions toutes jaune et noire seront construites  (40 pour l’Europe le reste principalement pour le Japon

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